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Our projects

Assemblée nationale
de l’Acadie

As part of its mandate to ensure the continuity of French culture and life in Acadie, a research project entitled Assemblée nationale de l'Acadie was launched in 2018. The project is part of a process of historical continuity for the Acadian and Francophone people living in a minority situation in Atlantic Canada.


Banque d’art
populaire acadien

(Acadian Folk Art Bank)

A project to acquire and conserve high quality Acadian folk art collections and to highlight these collections in public places, educational institutions and heritage sites of importance to Acadia.


Cercle Acadien de la langue française 

An education and awareness project that brings together citizens who want to help promote the French language in Acadian communities, particularly those in Kent County and southeastern New Brunswick.


Acadian heritage protection and enhancement component

Various studies and projects under development in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to safeguard and highlight heritage of national importance to Acadians.

  1. Safeguarding of Saint-Bernard

  2. Commemoration of Beausoleil Broussard

  3. Renewal of the former Bouctouche Convent


Environment protection component

Various projects completed or in development, in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, aimed at protecting or restoring natural heritage of importance to Acadia.

  1. Protected areas project in N.B. 

  2. Avon-Pisiguit River restoration project in N.S.

  3. Chimney Swift Protection Project, Saint-Bernard, N.S

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